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Country Profiles of Home Care WorldWide

In 1995, an effort was put forth by the World Organization for Care in the Home and Hospice (WOCHH), now known as the World Homecare and Hospice Organization (WHHO), to collect worldwide information as to the status of home care. The results of this search can be found in these country profiles. Many things have changed in the home care arena since the collection of this data was completed.

Many thanks to those who worked very hard to submit and gather their country profiles.

FYI Links to Government & World Wide Web Sites

Andrus Gerontology Center Library

The Andrus Gerontology Center Library maintains one of the foremost collections on the subject of life-span development and aging in the United States. It also provides information from international sources.

Canadian Home Care Association

The Canadian Home Care Association (CHCA) is a leading national membership organization dedicated to the accessibility, quality, and development of home care and community support services which permit people to stay in their homes and communities with safety and dignity

Centers for Disease Control's International Health Program Office

The mission of the International Health Program Office is to lead the Centers for Disease Control's collaboration with other nations and international organizations to promote healthy lifestyles and to prevent excess disease, disability, and death.

CIA World Factbook

The Factbook provides comprehensive country-by-country information. It includes categories such as geography, people, government, economy, transportation, and defense forces. This site is an excellent way to obtain quick information about countries of interest.

The Electronic Embassy

This site links the staffs and resources of the Washington, DC embassy community to their constituencies in business and industry, education, the press, and government. One section hyperlinks to all the foreign embassies. Another called International Business Center, is for commercial and nonprofit organizations offering goods, services, or opportunities in international markets to make themselves available to these audiences.

Hospice Information Services at St. Christopher

This site is located at St. Christopher's Hospice in London, England. It provides information about hospice around the globe.

Health on the Net

This site offers contacts, information and advice for individuals, health-care providers, and professionals. It was created to be a link-up of 500 hospitals around the world.

Hospice of Malaysia

Hospice Malaysia is a charitable body formed by volunteers, medical/nursing, and other professionals and lay people.

International Federation on Ageing

This site is the home page of the International Federation on Ageing. It gives background information about the organization as well as information about upcoming conferences.

International Institute on Ageing

In 1982 the World Assembly on Ageing adopted the Vienna International Action on Ageing. This resolution recommended the promotion of training and research, as well as the exchange of information and knowledge in order to provide an international basis for social policies and action in the area of ageing. The International Institute on Ageing is based in Malta.

International Year of Older Persons

In promotion of the United Nations Principles for Older Persons. The General Assembly (47/5) decided to observe the year 1999 as the International Year of Older Persons (IYOP). This is in recognition of humanity's demographic coming of age and the promise it holds for maturing attitudes and capabilities in social, economic, cultural and spiritual undertakings, not least for global peace and development in the next century.

Mediatheek Thuiszorg

For anyone who can read Dutch, this site is an information and document retrieval service for Dutch home care organizations.

U.S. Census Bureau International Program Center

The International Program Center is an area within the United States Census Bureau which conducts international research, international technical assistance and training, and makes software available to countries around the word.

The United Nations

This homepage allows access to various topics such as U.N. conferences, departments, global issues, and information resources.

The World Health Organization

This link allows for access to the homepage of the World Health Organization (WHO). From here you can find general information on the World Health Organization, as well as more specific information regarding programs and publications.

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